A different sort of place

Week 1 of the new job is done. The reverse commute is wonderful. It’s such a different kind of energy being up in the midstate region of Connecticut.

I’m replacing someone who is moving away here, and in a stark contrast to working at my last job in Darien, I’m being slowly and gently trained and transitioned. My first day at my last place saw me in a client meeting on site before the end of the day. Not only that, but the person I replaced had left the company the Friday before I started, so I was just sort of thrown to the dogs.

Here, there’s a lot of infrastructure and philosophical alignment that runs throughout the entire agency. Everyone knows the interactive process here. Everyone lives by it. And as a result, there’s none of that jarring clash between the offline promotional agency world and the online interactive agency world. Everyone, from the owner down to the new hires, are all on the same page.

What a relief such a simple change makes. How lovely too that I had an entire week of being coddled, really, as I was brought up to speed on projects. I’m looking forward to the fact that next week I’ve got the full week to take the lead on my projects while my predecessor is still nearby to answer questions and provide insight. It makes coming on board a much more pleasant process.

The inner paranoid part of me is slowly relaxing. Slowly. Not quite willing to believe that it’s going to stay this nice, but I’m no fool — I’ll enjoy what I’ve got while I’ve got it.