I never know what to write here. I’m 38, married, with a MS Interactive Communications I’ve just started paying loans on, and working as a project manager in upstate Connecticut.

I like my job and coworkers, but the pace drags me down. Still, it’s interesting work with several different things happening all at once, so it satisfies my need for variety.

Ultimately I’d like to go on to PhD studies for Interactive Communications, but not yet. Ultimately I’d like to sell some novels and set up a ceramics studio in the countryside and sell my wares online… but not yet.

Though I am working on it.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Kathy Says:

    If you wind up selling ceramics, you could always sell the ren-faire circuit. There’s a demand for it and it’s kind of a fun job. I used to work as kind of an ‘apprentice’ to a friend with a masters in pottery. 😉

  2. Parsons Says:

    I figured that this was a better place to say hello than elsewhere.
    The ren-faires are a good start point and are extremely fun to do for the ceramics and/or general merchandise. Not to mention many good people who are just plain fun to be around…

    Oh, annddd…. Hello!

  3. Adam Pacio Says:

    Good to see you again after so long, Dave! Welcome to my little slice of the blogosphere.

    My problem with Ceramics has to do with the amount of equipment that a Ceramics studio takes. Our friend Heather manages by having found a local college ceramic studio to physically work at as a Studio Technician, running the firings, organizing the students, etc. in exchange for her use of the clay and glazes and firings. An ideal situation not easily found. Since I’m not going to be buying any property soon there’s just no way for me to begin assembling a ceramic studio, even if I had the money to do so.

    But I’d love to get my hands in clay again. Maybe once I settle into the new job I’ll be able to find a way to take some classes.

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