Watercolor artist John Lovett

I just discovered another great visual artist today while poking around the blogosphere. John Lovett, who runs the splashingpaint blog. I only gave one post a quick perusal, but the artwork in it is incredible.

Watercolor image linking to the Splashing Paint blog

Splashing Paint blog


Jason de Caires installations

While I am an internet professional, I am also a visual artist, classical musician, amateur swing dancer, poet, philosopher, writer, and all around renaissance person. I love to use StumbleUpon‘s web service for serving up random websites, and I make certain to subscribe to Artists as one of my random topics.

Today I StumbledUpon the Don’t Panic online magazine article by James Read, detailing some of the work of sculptor Jason de Caires. Incredible work. Here’s a sample below:

Vicissitudes, by Jason de Caires

Vicissitudes, by Jason de Caires

I love the simple fact that de Caires creates sculptures which are ecologically friendly. These are designed to provide a substrate which will encourage coral growth on them, gradually becoming a natural part of the seabed where they are installed.

Great work. As the article and comments from the blogosphere noted, though… imagine going for a scuba dive in the region without knowing this artwork was around?