The text-based life

As I’m working through the droidification of my life, I’m struck by two truisms… First, the auto-substitution give and the auto-substitution take away even as it slowly learns that words like ‘droidification’ should not be rendered as ‘driving fiction’.

Secondly, I realized as I was pondering my bill this month, that I live a predominantly text-based existence, for a geek. I am an Infocom game running on a Warcraft engine… a lot of power for text adventures.

Still, recognition is the first step for recovery. it isn’t so much about me needing to change my lifestyle because I bout a phone… its actually a professional consideration. Increasingly a large number of projects are encompassing the mobile space, so I need to immerse myself in the lifestyle as far as I can. My thumb speed is already improving, and I’ve started taking some interesting photos pc my daily life. I just haven’t started uploading or sharing them all that much yet. Small things like that are part of what I mean.

One thing I did find today….GDOC. It’s an app that will let me edit Google Docs from my Droid. See? Text-based little ole me.


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