Western Union Money Order complaint

Here’s the complaint I just filed with Western Union Money Orders online. Read along for the whole gist of it.

The Complaint, actually filed with Western Union

I just got sent a Western Union money order from a friend of mine. Unexpected gift of funds to get me through a tight spot while looking for a job after completing my Master’s Degree and getting laid off.

I went to Stop and Shop, WalMart, and three separate private Check Cashing locations nearby in Bridgeport. Even though every place but WalMart advertised Western Union services and every place but WalMart -sold- Western Union money orders, not a single place would cash it.

Why not? Where is the power of the Western Union brand? What kind of business sense does it make to allow places to sell the Money Order services of Western Union, but not redeem them? What kind of message does that send to your customers, that the businesses trust Western Union enough to sell them but not to redeem them?  Is there some kind of regulation of yours which is being flagrantly violated all across the greater Bridgeport area of Connecticut?

I strongly urge Western Union to either begin mandating that any agent partner location which -sells- the Money Orders must also redeem them, or else they should get out of the Money Order business all together. If your own agents and partners don’t trust the Western Union brand name to back up the financial promise of payment, then how do you expect your consumers to have any confidence in your brand either?

I’ll post any responses I get.