Constitutional Convention

Been a while since I’ve posted, mostly due to the depression that today’s job search market has created for myself. I was earning more in my ‘day job’ I had while going to school for the Masters of Interactive Communications than I’ve earned since, and the salary trends are actually dipping *below* what I earned when I worked as a freelance Graphic Designer… 10 years ago. And those are the salaries in Manhattan, typically higher than Connecticut.

But that’s no excuse for prolonged silence when there’s such interesting things going on around the ‘Net. Lawrence Lessig has been politically active for a while on trying to remove the undue sway that special interest groups have which have turned Congress into a “fundraising Congress” not a legislative body. He’s got some cool ideas, but with the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United recently, there’s been a new direction Mr. Lessig has been pushing in… a Constitutional Amendment, but not just an Amendment being pushed through Congress where it can die due to the stranglehold special interest groups have on the Congress.

Instead, Lessig is now calling for a Constitutional Convention. It’s something that’s written into the Constitution, empowering the People to call a Constitutional Convention at which delegates from all states will effectively edit, rewrite, revise, and eventually Ratify a brand new Constitution.

See the cause for pausing yet? We’re extremely divided among ideological lines even still today. Rather close to the division in the country from the Civil War, actually, although urbanization and mass media blur the lines over geographical border. Think Red vs. Blue, or Tea Party vs. Rational Humanity.

The thing is, a Constitutional Convention (called a Con-con for short, we do love abbreviations) would call the entire document into question, which means that yes, ladies and gentlefolk, it’s entirely possible that we would leave the Con-con as the United States of Jesusland, or perhaps the Imperial Idiocracy of America. Bill of Rights could be thrown right out.

I need to think about this more, but I think folks need to know that Lessig’s got the Constitutional Convention support groups starting, so this is going to be a factor in the mid term elections, mark my words.


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