Why I like GaGa

Stefani Germanotta, bravo.  It takes a lot to be a cultural icon, but I do believe you’ve figured out how to pull it off. As a media and branding professional myself, I must say that I am rather in awe on many, many levels.

First of all, you’re an artist. I mean that to be a high compliment. You are conceptually sound, aesthetically brilliant, and technically seamless. The voice and the body definitely help, but as we both know there’s been many others out there with neither of those things who have managed to make a great name for themselves based solely on their artistic merit. You’ve got the voice. You’ve got the dancing. You’ve got the connection to the culture. You’ve got the artistic bits. People talk about the triple threat of singing, dancing, and songwriting. I think you’ve got more “threats” than we’ve seen in a long, long time.

And one of those threats is a command-level understanding of how to build a brand around yourself. Your first album was out for a bit, and friends of mine turned me on to listening to The Fame long before the songs hit the radio. I’m usually behind the pop curve, so that was a pleasant surprise to find someone I loved suddenly being picked up on by everyone else.

But you, Stefani, have worked the media and worked the media with the skills of a master manipulator. I don’t know if it’s just your natural business and branding sense, or if you’ve got an excellent advisor or mentor in that aspect, but you’ve got the business “it” factor, and the media “it” factor, and we’re all eating out of your hands because your art has delivered the crowds which advertisers love.

More later, but with the release of your second ‘mini-album’ today, I have to say I’m very, very impressed. You’re no flash in the pan, you know what you’re doing, and I can’t wait to watch as this unfolds. Just please stay grounded and true to yourself even as this experience changes you. Don’t let GaGa destroy Germanotta.

Otherwise, bravo once again. I usually don’t get into fanaticism over anything, but when it comes to all things GaGa, color me a fan.

Who knew? And bravo a third time to you, Stefani Germanotta. May this album you’ve released today simply be the next of many more yet to come.


One Response to “Why I like GaGa”

  1. Adam Pacio Says:

    And yet, sadly, Adam Lambert’s debut album… not so much.

    Sad. I really, really wanted Adam to succeed with GaGa-esque brilliance. He’s an artist, but I think he needs a bit more media-savvy. It just wasn’t there.

    And I wanted it to be. Here’s to hoping he’ll sell well enough to earn a second album. Otherwise, my advice would be to take Queen up on their offer to replace Freddy Mercury as lead singer.

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