I contributed to the Obama campaign, and now I’m on the Mitch Stewart/Obama mailing list which every so often reaches out to me for a small donation which is aimed to fight the Republicans at one thing or another. Usually I delete them. My “contributions” to an elected official are made annually in the form of something called “taxes”, so I don’t feel guilty at all about hitting that ‘delete’ key.

Today, I skimmed the request. Just because it was subject-lined “Sarah Palin”, and really, I just wanted to see what the hell Mitch and Barack were up to with regard to the no-nothing failed-administrator Sarah Palin who couldn’t even handle serving out the last bits of her Alaska Governorship because she would be a ‘lame duck’. Like, hello? That’s how it ends. Death in office, scandalous resignation, or a lame duck term. Ask any politician how they expect to leave office and chances are the answer will be one of those. So Sarah’s running around getting all of the people who are really blind to their own bigotry, or else too removed from the reality of present day America to understand why Palin is really a horrendous flake and an empty bag of talking points. All by taking the attention of the media and demonstrating that the Spin machine of the Republicans does a much better job at Branding than the Democrats do.

But we’re not Palin-bashing here. No, instead, I’m concerned about the state of the country in general. Because this is what Mitch’s email to me said:

Right now, Sarah Palin is on a highly publicized, nationwide book tour, attacking President Obama and his plan for health reform at every turn.

It’s dangerous. Remember, this is the person who coined the term “Death Panels” — and opened the flood gates for months of false attacks by special interests and partisan extremists.


Excuse me, Mitch Stewart and the copywriters over at the DNC who approved this tripe. Dangerous? As far as I can tell, all Sarah Palin is doing is exercising her Constitutional right to Freedom of Expression. And she’s got an audience who loves her, so there’s the choice of -those- People.  The only thing that makes me worried at all about a Palin candidacy for the Presidency next time around is the general overall ineptitude of the Democratic Party.

Let’s face it, guys. Palin shouldn’t *be* dangerous. The only incompetence that the Democrats need to worry about is their own. They control both Houses of Congress, AND they control the White House. There may be some committee shenanigans and fillibusters and all of that to contend with, but the Democrats have done NOTHING since they took office. Nothing promised on the campaign trail has happened. And there’s really no excuse. The economy is still in the shitter, unless you happen to be a banker or a Corporate CEO.

Part of the problem is that the Democrats have tried so long to be Republicans, that there’s no difference now between them. Neither party has a strong central message or identity except to NOT be the Other guys. Blue or red, same damned difference. Same screw over of the little guy, the ‘We the People’ that the government is supposed to serve. Same propaganda machines, and hot-button issues. Same assholes in the Halls of the Capitol worried too much about how much money they’ll raise for next term’s elections and too little about how to do the job that their constituency sent them there to do in the first place.

Give me back a Congress full of contention and strife, of loud voices and red faces, banging gavels and impassioned speeches. Give me a Congress where the representatives felt very keenly just how invested they themselves are with what actions they are pursuing. Where they actually know what they’re voting on, and spend more time on the Hill than away from it telecommuting in.

Stop blaming the Republicans, Mitch. Mitch and Barack both. Just stop. Stop blaming other people and put your own houses in order while you still have the time. Because if you don’t, then the pendulum will shift the other way and the Republicans will grind you under like the losers you will be.

Make no mistake. If Palin beats you, then it’s YOUR fault. Your loss. Not her victory. It will mean that Palin’s got the attention of the American people because she can communicate with them better. And we both know that Palin’s not the winning communicator… Obama is.

It also would mean that it was time to seek emmigration from the United States to Canada or Ireland or Norway or one of the other Enlightened nations with socialized health care. I’m not pro-Republican nor pro-Palin (nor anti-America) by any means. But I am anti-incompetence, anti-corruption, and anti-political parties in general. We Americans are no longer number one in the world at very much that matters. We are no longer a culture where intelligence, industry, creativity, and vision are valued, supported, and rewarded. Our formal cultural institutions are dying, and our schools are already comatose. We need more than just a revitalization… we need a Renaissance. A global Renaissance, to shore up the lost ground that institutionalized religion has taken from the Enlightenment over the last few decades. We need a robust and thriving middle class, a people better able to share in the fruits of their own labors than the Boards of Directors have been setting lately.

Maybe it’s because we’ve been let down by so many so often, that it’s just impossible for us to care any more about the old system of politics and old social conventions. Break this cycle, Barack. Stop people from begging for money when you’re not on a campaign trail. Use the tools that the system gives to you to reform the system. Be Barack Obama the leader of the Democratic National Party. It’s time to set the policy of your party, as well as for the nation. And use the influence we gave you to fix things. Stop seeking consensus, and start waging victory. You aren’t the campaign front-runner any more, Barack. You’re our President. Stop campaigning and start ruling, to the fullest extent of the laws which empower the ethical exercise of your Office.

Or start seeking another job, because with more of this for the next three years, you won’t hold on to the one you’re in. Not by my vote. I’ll seek a third candidate if it comes to that, and use my voice to try and convince others to do the same.


2 Responses to “‘Dangerous’?”

  1. Juan Says:

    From a past blog of yours,

    “1. More Patience Needed

    Change doesn’t happen overnight. Obama is going to have to learn his new role within the system and that means I expect a failed initiative or three, and I also expect some wobbly moments as the new administration gains its feet. I like the guy, enough that I voted for him, but I don’t expect him to be a miracle worker. And so, I’m expecting that the current “hunker down, wait for the tides to turn” mentality to last until the spring thaw at the very least before my world gets moved at all, let alone rocked.”

    Take this past wisdom to heart, and let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

  2. Adam Pacio Says:

    Good point, Juan. However, there’s a logistical problem which is fast looming on the horizon: Mid term elections in one year when several key seats in both houses of Congress go up for grabs. In the Mid-Term elections, Congress can and usually does change the balance of power. Right now, Democrats have a clear majority all the way through every step that it takes for a Bill to become a Law. This means that the Republican party has little to no power in Congress right now, and the only thing stopping the Democrats … are the Democrats.

    Let’s keep that in mind, and turn the tables around a bit. If the *Republicans* had the same numbers and points of control, the Democrats would be essentially ignored as the Republicans simply streamlined everything and set up all of their agendas as they wished them to be. The Democrats have come into a situation they aren’t used to… being clear victors and clearly in control, and they have squandered this opportunity by doing NOTHING.

    This means that either Obama is inept at running his own party (because the elected President becomes the leader of the political party they came from for their term in office) or else Obama is quite good at campaigning but not so strong at governing. Losing situations, both of them.

    Here’s the other thing. We’re well more than 100 days into the Obama administration, and the reason that people pay so much attention to the First 100 Days of every Presidential term in office is because that has been demonstrated to be the time when the President enjoys the strongest support and tends to get the most done. After that, the system reasserts itself and gridlock and delays and politicking ensue, while results dwindle, wins come harder and harder, and everything gets bogged down in expense riders and compromises upon compromises upon compromises, in the bad sense of the term.

    I did and do advise patience. But there is a life-cycle to an American Presidency, and the Mid-Term elections are a HUGE deal. What if the country ousts the Democrats and hands a clear majority to the Republican party in Congress? Let’s not forget, the President doesn’t make law, Congress does. Right now, there is an entire party of slavering, frothing at the mouth two-dimensional people who are blind to the staggering depths of their own bigotry and racism, and tearing their hair out at the continued fact of Obama’s victory. They can’t unseat Obama short of full impeachment proceedings, which will never happen in a Democrat-controlled Congress. But it *could* happen in a Republican-controlled Congress.

    If you think that the battle is over just because Obama got elected, you’re wrong. Dead wrong. And the political system is going to take full advantage of that ignorance and put plans in place. Mid-Term elections will be HOTLY contested anywhere there is a battle over a seat. Because the Republican party needs to take control of Congress. Period.

    Unless Obama can create some stellar victories and clear wins for the Democratic party (as opposed to a win which needs to be explained), then there’s going to be flip, and Obama will spend the second half of this term in office with a Congress controlled by the Republican, who can and will do everything in their power to block any lawmaking which favors Obama… in an attempt to stifle him and give him nothing to campaign on when it comes time for re-election.

    So yeah. We’ve been as patient as we can be right now. Really. I wish there were more time which Obama had to do the work, but he’s got to get something done. Something major, something clearly a Democratic victory, and something which will help keep the Democrats in power.

    See how a two-party system funded by corporate investments and special interest lobbying groups (for BOTH sides) spends more time playing politics than representing the people and governing for the good of all? Obama’s got about one or two months of “patience” left. One year into his term without results, and he’s setting the stage for a LOT of struggle just to make up ground politically that slips away every single second that the Republicans (or his own damned party/corporate interests) cause a delay.

    I don’t argue that more patience is needed. I think the need is still there. I’m just saying now that there’s a limited supply on patience, and it’s fast running out.

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