The office is relatively quiet today, or at least it is right now. I’m looking glumly at a mountain of pixelwork that’s piled up virtually before me, and I’ve been transported to one of those weekends in grad school when everything looked like it was about to topple over onto me and drown me in a sea of black biting ToDoo-flies. Alaska’s got skeeters the size of helicopters, the extended NY Megatropolis area has ToDoos the size of panic attacks. Both will strip a moose to the bone in seconds when hungry.

And yet, I blog.

… well I did until work caught up. And not the mountains of pixelwork I had been bemoaning a paragraph ago… this is the unexpected, what we here call “Maintenance” work, which saps the will to live and completely derails all forms of productivity for the day. I could (and frequently do) spend all day on nothing more than chasing down the various and sundry requests from my clients, some frivolous, some urgent, most in between.

I guess that’s what happens when you take two or three complete jobs and ask one person to do all of them for one salary.

Hell, at least I’m employed. And this weekend will be a good time for me to get caught up. A little bit. On the strategic long-term work which I can never seem to get around to.


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