Blog whoring, y/n?

Netkerfluffle isn’t where I’d like it to be. I keep telling myself that I’m going to do some research, that I’m going to start surfing for blogs to add to my blogroll, to jump into blogversation with. It’s not happening.

Work with a 2 hour daily commute takes the life right out of me. And while my job is engaging, challenging, and interesting professionally in the extreme, most of what I do I’m unwilling to write about and just post out here for anyone to take a gander at. There’s a certain level of work I can write about, but in most cases the thing that makes being a project manager interesting is seeing what each individual client is up to. The really cool stuff tends to be the projects where the client is really pushing boundaries (their own or in rare cases, the industry’s). And those kinds of sites and work are the sort where any kind of discussion tends to be highly frowned upon.

Site stats

So I looked back at my dashboard this morning and sighed. One or two hits here and there for the majority of my posts. With good reasons:  sporradic posting habits, weird angles on iffy topics, no anchors to currently ongoing discussions, walls of text writing styles. I wouldn’t read me either.

But there was one glorious spike in my readership. One week when I had 160 views here, most in a single day. It was the week where I discussed immediately the season cliffhanger for ABC’s LOST. It got me thinking… is it time to whore out Netkerfluffle? Or retool the concept here in an attempt to garner an audience?

A question of identity, but also of time.

Pandering to the masses by utilizing a topic shift is tempting, but why would anyone go to a blog entitled ‘Internet Kerfluffle’ unless they were interested in the internet? (Or a friend/family member of my own. Though if anyone other than my brother is savvy enough to surf the blogosphere I’ll be surprised. My sister maybe, but just maybe.) And really, even if I did chase the audience instead of carve out a niche, would it be any more or less forgiving? Would I bring anything to the table which differentiated myself or added anything positive to the new arena (be it discussing selected tv shows or reviewing movies, or… )?

And really, would the time issue go away? The same hurdles still exist with time and effort for starting and maintaining a blog in the first place. I’ve got projects piling up in my mind, efforts I would like to take on a variety of fronts with little to no time to do them all.

It’s something to think about. I suppose that I can begin to look at good blogging techniques and write about them as a launch point for Netkerfluffle. Because while this is ambling along, I’d like to get to the point where I’m doing at least one major, topical, blogosphere-relevant post a week here.  Researched, cross linked, edited, revised, and with relevant photos linked to from Flickr or the CCommons. I’d also like to pursue at least one topic of research mentioned already, but the reality of that is dimmer than the reality of blogging regularly.

We’ll have to see. I’ll make it my goal this week to start writing a draft about good blogging practices. While a blog about blogging is the ultimate in self indulgence, when we’re talking about a blog which is supposed to look at various things Internet-related, it kind of relates.


Or perhaps the way to handle this is to look at my job a couple of steps backwards. Maybe the value I can add to the blogosphere is by providing a higher-level discussion about the “pain points” (new bizspeak currently in vogue for ‘problems’) that I encounter on a day to day basis as someone ‘in the trenches’, so to speak.  Look for things that are in common to several of my clients, and talk about the trends that I’m encountering now, vs. the theoretical and emerging potentials within the job market. Find a way to turn the lessons I’m learning into resources that other businesses can use.

It’s definitely doable. It’s something which will allow me to simultaneously vent some steam in some cases while hopefully adding to the general knowledge pool.

Hrm… too simple. Too elegant. Too few excuses for not doing it. Damn, I guess I’ve got a blogging plan.



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