Taking time

Taking the time now to smell the coffee. No roses nearby.

Work has taken off at a breakneck pace. My predecessor has left for Beantown pastures, and I am struggling to get a handle on everything that’s going on here. It’s a great shop, awesome folks to work with, and so far everyone has been super helpful. Well, mostly everyone.  There hasn’t been any personal malice, put it that way. (Interrupt certain tech guys at your own peril).

I broke one of my own rules, though. I brought the work home with me to do on a weekend. And I didn’t get my timesheet in on Friday before the 11pm deadline. That’s twice in one week.

Catching up

This shop is a little bit different in that being a Project Manager means that I’m also an Account Rep, as well as a hands-on person doing maintenance and minor Creative tasks. This is a bit new, so in addition to having to get to know the client’s projects and history, I’ve been running around trying to balance the other two aspects as well. It’s getting there, but I’ve been dropping balls left and right so far as I tame the wilderness which happens any time there’s an account transition.

We’re slowly getting there. Two sites are launching, one today and the next one by Tuesday. So once we move back from Fire Drill mode surrounding those I’m hoping to be able to really give the attention to my accounts that they deserve.

And unfortunately, to do that means taking time out of my weekend and devoting it to all of the work tasks I just simply don’t have time to get to during the week. Still, having the extra job responsibilities only opens additional doors for me, so I’m not really complaining. It’s just a bit of a stretch for me right now. But I feel things getting more routinized as I become aware of how the shop operates. Learning curves are frantic, but soon it will become second nature, and then I’ll really be able to shine.

Who knows… someday it might actually become routine.


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